24 Seconds With Martin Ringström

19 March 2008

There is an old joke that goes something like this.

Person 1: "I'm on diet and need to watch what I eat. How about you, Person 2?"

Person 2: "Yes, I'm on a seafood diet. I `see' food and eat it!"

PAOK forward Martin Ringström could very easily be Person 2.

The Sweden international, by his own admission, loves to eat.

That's what FIBA Europe discovered in "24 Seconds with Martin Ringström".

FIBA Europe: Hi Martin, tell us what the first thing is that you think about when you get up in the morning.

Martin Ringström: Breakfast!!! I am always hungry and think of teammates tell me I eat all the time.

FIBA Europe: Okay, that's interesting. Tell us what you would say, then, if someone walked up to you right now and said, "Martin, tonight you can have your ideal meal: starter, main course, dessert and drink."

Martin Ringström: I'm from a Coastal city so I go with seafood as a starter, fish as the main course and strawberries for dessert. I don't drink a lot...hmmm... Champagne! I learned to appreciate it after my years playing in France.

FIBA Europe: Let's move away from the kitchen and into the den. What is the best movie you have seen lately?

Martin Ringström: RAMBO IV. Otherwise, I like (television) series, and my favorite at the moment is Dexter.

FIBA Europe: If you were not a basketball player, what would you like to do as a profession?

Martin Ringström: Be a professional football player for sure.

FIBA Europe: With that in mind, what is your favorite football team in Sweden, and which team do you like the most in the Champions League?

Martin Ringström: In Sweden, IFK Göteborg from my hometown. In the Champions League, Barcelona.

FIBA Europe: If you could have your choice of car, what would you like to own and drive?

Martin Ringström: I have always liked the Swedish-made car Koenigseggs. The new CCXR version just looks fantastic. For the moment, it's a little over my budget:

FIBA Europe: We often see basketball players listening to music before games. Do you have a favorite rock group that you listen to?

Martin Ringström: I like to hear the roar of the fans and be present before the game...otherwise, I listen to everything!

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