Half-Court Press: Marcus Eriksson

12 July 2012

8. Marcus Eriksson (Sweden)
Appearances can be deceptive - Marcus Eriksson is not only a cold-blooded executioner with a ball in his hands, he also knows what an audio tape is! decided to test its notorious Half-Court Press on 18-year-old Swedish rising star Marcus Eriksson, to discover more about the personality of the sharp-shooter.

Although he's competing against players two years older than him at the U20 European Championship in Slovenia, Eriksson stood out as one of the most exciting players to watch on the first day of the competition, despite his teams's loss to Lithuania.

Off the court however, the Swede is as humble as they come. What's your first basketball memory?
Marcus Eriksson: I started playing at a very young age, because both of my parents played basketball. It had an impact on why I chose to play. It's in our family, you could say.

Who is the most mature of your teammates and who is the most... childish?
It's difficult to point someone out, everyone is pretty mature. Some guys can be a bit clownish some time, but I think it's good for the team. Viktor Gaddefors can be really funny.

Which is the best basketball game you've ever played in or watched?
I really liked the fifth game of the ACB finals between Barcelona and Real Madrid this year. I was there and had a chance to watch. It was really good.

There's only 2 seconds left on the shot-clock, do you pass the ball or shoot?
Shoot! I'll have this one.

How do you imagine basketball when you will be 30 years old?
I don't really know, it's hard to tell. We'll just have to wait and see.

Who is the best European player you've seen?
Now, I really like Juan Carlos Navarro. I used to watch a lot of videos of Drazen Petrovic. I liked him a lot too.

Which part of training you like less?
I don't actually. I kind of like training. Of course, everyone likes games much more, but it's necessary to practice to get better.

Name which of the following you have never used in your life: A. Audio cassette player. B. Facebook website C. MP3 Player
An audio cassette, I guess. No, no... Wait. I've used all three. I remember when I was really small, I used to listen to audio cassettes.

Do you know how to cook and what would you cook for your coach if he ate dinner at your house?
I'm really not a good cook. I'm not very good at that, but I really like barbeques, so might do something like that if the coach came over.


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