Live And In Person: Andreas Person

25 October 2010

Andreas Person Andreas Person is a guard for Helios Domzale in the Slovenian Telemach League and for the Swedish U18 National Team. He will write about his experience of playing and living abroad regularly for

Hello again!

It has been a while since I last wrote. During this time I have been sick for a couple of days and played three games.

Well we lost in the second game in EuroChallenge, unfortunately. So we are now eliminated. But now we can focus on the Slovenian league that started last Saturday. We had our first game away against Hopsi Polzela, which we lost by 1 point!

We were down by as much as 20 but we fought back and we were actually up by one point in the end, but they got two free-throws and made both, and we missed the last shot.

We had our second game here at our place yesterday(Saturday) against LTHcast Mercator which we won by 13 points.

We played against this team in pre-season so we knew what kind of players they had and how the wanted to play.

It felt like we had the control for pretty much the whole game, even though we played up and down but we had strong start of 4th quarter and pulled away.

Our next game is on Saturday, away against Maribor Messer, I really dont know nothing about this team yet. We got one more week until Saturday so we got a lot of time to practice and prepare.

There are 9 teams in this stage 1 or what you want to call it of the season, you play every team twice. Then, I'm not sure but I think the first 6 teams go to a second stage where both Krka and Unijon Olympia will join.

Life is pretty much the same everyday for me. I wake up at 8.30 everyday, have practice from 10.00 to 12.00 and go to lunch, get home for some rest, maybe watch a movie or something and then get ready for evening practice from 18.00 to 20.00 and at last dinner, this is pretty much my daily routine.

I haven't missed home as much as I tought I would, of course you miss your family and friends but I am having a good time here and Ludvig, a close friend of mine, is planning to come soon so I'm really looking forward to meet him. And it is starting to get cold here too! It's about time to get a warmer jacket, but no snow yet, thank God!


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