Half-Court Press: Anna Lundquist


8. Anna Lundquist (Sweden)
Anna Lundquist has two role models when it comes to basketball, Derrick Rose and Swedish international Frida Eldebrink.

Anna Lundquist is Sweden's most prolific scorer in the U16 European Championship Women and her hands didn't shake when submitted to's fierce Half-Court Press.

Averaging 8.8 points and 7.2 rebounds in the first five games of the tournament, Lundquist cruised through this interview, finishing with a big smile. What's your basketball first memory?
Anna Lundquist: I remember when my team, back at home, won a trophy.

Did you expect to become Sweden's best scorer?
No, it's a surprise. I am struggling to be at this level and I am happy what I am taking back.

How do you see yourself, in basketball, when you're 30 years old?
I'll be playing in a strong team, in the EuroLeague Women or in the WNBA.

Who's your favourite basketball player?
I like Derrick Rose, because he's unselfish and plays for his team. I also like Frida Eldebrink, from the Swedish national team, that will play in EuroBasket Women 2013.

Which part of training do you like less?
It's hard to do the most physical stuff but I know I have to if I want to become a better player.

If your coach ate dinner at your house, what would you cook for him?
It would have to be a big piece of meat, with potatoes.

Who's your most mature teammate?
I think Anna Stern is.

And the most childish?
Johanna Wolde.

How are you planning to spend your free day on Thursday?
I want to go swimming with my teammates and try to get ready for the next games we have to play.


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