Digital Scoresheet To The Rescue Again


The Digital ScoreSheet made history on June 13, as it was used for the first time ever to help support a referee's decision in the game of Latvia against Slovakia.

On June 17, the technology came to the aid of the officials once again, when it was consulted to determine the validity of a basket in the Quarter-Final clash between Spain and Italy.

At the end of the first quarter, Italy's Chiara Pastore scored with a lay-up.

With the shot-clock showing 0:00 when the ball went in the umpires wanted to verify if the basket was made before time expired and turned to the Digital ScoreSheet table officials for confirmation

They concluded that the basket was outside the time limit and should therefore should not count. You can watch the full video of how it happened by clicking here.

Digital ScoreSheet combines game video to the Official Scoresheet, allowing for easy review during the game and giving officials the opportunity to asses their own performance afterwards.

The Digital ScoreSheet has been in operation since EuroBasket 2005 but this is the first tournament ever it was used by the referees during an official game.

With the use of the Digital ScoreSheet, FIBA Europe tries to facilitate tournament officiating, the same way it tries to facilitate the participating teams or the media.

FIBA Europe has already agreed to provide the technology to other FIBA Zones for use in their own competitions in the future.

The FIBA Americas Championship for Men, which take place this summer in Puerto Rico, will be using the Digital ScoreSheet technology for the first time.


20.06.2009 - By Joseph Wilson
20.06.2009 - By Joseph Wilson
19.06.2009 - By Jeff Taylor
19.06.2009 - By Jeff Taylor

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