Belgium Win In Portugal, Now Face France

Belgium scraped a 60-58 win at Portugal on Thursday night to win Group A of the EuroBasket Additional Qualifying Round.

By finishing first ahead of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium will take on Group B winners France in an all-or-nothing showdown to determine the last team to reach the EuroBasket in Poland.

Bosnians Beat Portugal To Boost Chances
Bosnia and Herzegovina held off a resilient Portugal 73-61 on Friday to strengthen their grip on first place in Group A of the EuroBasket Additional Qualifying Round.

Mensur Bajramovic's team won for the third straight time, but Belgium can still overtake them and claim top spot if they manage to beat Bosnia and Herzegovina at home by five points or more and then win in Portugal in their last game.



NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
Diogo Carreira PG 1.80 02.12.1978 Oeiras, Lisbon (POR)  
Nuno Cortez PF 2.05 17.11.1982 Pampilhosa da Serra (POR)  
Paulo Cunha 2.00 01.08.1980 Vila Nova deGaia (POR)  
Mário-Gil Fernandes PG 1.75 25.04.1982 Funchal, Madeira (POR)  
Mário Gonçalves 2.00 03.04.1980 Coimbra (POR)  
Fábio Lima GF 1.97 18.08.1988 Lisboa (POR)  
Miguel Minhava SG 1.95 05.11.1983 Lisboa (POR)  
Joao Reveles PG 1.84 09.07.1980 Figueira Foz (POR)  
Fernando Sico PF 2.00 09.12.1988 Bissau (GBS)  
José Silva SG 1.96 16.04.1989 Barreiro (POR)  
Fernando Sousa PF 1.92 07.12.1981 Coimbra (POR)  
4David Gomes 1.98 23.03.1986 Santarém (POR)  
5Jose Costa PG 1.88 08.12.1973 Figueira da Foz (POR)  
6Marco Goncalves 2.08 22.04.1984 Pombal (POR)  
7Rui Mota SG 1.90 19.02.1978 Porto (POR)  
8Joao Gomes SF 2.02 05.02.1985  (CPV)  
9Filipe da Silva PG 1.93 30.11.1979 Guimaraes (POR)  
10Carlos Andrade SF 1.98 27.04.1978 N. S. De Graca (CPV)  
11Jorge Coelho PF 2.00 18.10.1978 Lisboa (POR)  
12João Figueiredo PG 1.84 27.08.1979 Aveiro (POR)  
13Elvis Evora 2.05 04.02.1978 Cabo Verde (POR)  
14Miguel Miranda 2.05 09.10.1978 Porto (POR)  
15Joao Santos SF 2.04 15.06.1979 Lisbon (POR)  

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Portuguese Still Have Hope Despite Two Defeats

Portugal have begun their EuroBasket Additional Qualifying Round (AQR) with back-to-back defeats, leaving their hopes of reaching Poland hanging by a thread.

But Portuguese forward Carlos Andrade is still a believer.

Casteels Over The Moon After Win Over Portugal

Belgium coach Eddy Casteels knows his team had a narrow escape against Portugal in their EuroBasket Additional Qualifying Round clash on Tuesday and he hopes they can capitalize on it.

"This victory is a boost for my team and makes next week's game against Bosnia (and Herzegovina) all the more interesting," he said.

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PTSC. Andrade10.5
RTC. Andrade6.2
ASJ. Costa3.4
STJ. Costa1.7
BSE. Evora0.5


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03.09.2008vs EST[L] 70-79 (H)
06.09.2008vs MKD[L] 48-85 (A)
10.09.2008vs LAT[L] 43-79 (A)
13.09.2008vs EST[W] 60-54 (A)
17.09.2008vs MKD[W] 81-71 (H)
20.09.2008vs LAT[W] 93-92 (H)
05.08.2009vs BIH[L] 56-62 (H)
11.08.2009vs BEL[L] 58-64 (A)
14.08.2009vs BIH[L] 61-73 (A)
20.08.2009vs BEL[L] 58-60 (H)



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