Balance Attack Helps Dutch Take Down Norway

In a battle of unbeatens, the Netherlands came out on top 76-68 to improve to 3-0 in Group A.

Five players scored in double figures for the Dutch, who took a significant step towards qualifying after finishing the first leg with an undefeated record.

Van Veen Wants More From Dutch

Netherlands coach Meindart van Veen has admitted that his team must play a lot better than they did against Iceland if they are to get a victory against Ireland in their EuroBasket Women Division B qualifier on Saturday.

Although the Dutch ran out 66-61 winners at the weekend, Van Veen was not happy with the performance.


NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
Linda Appers PF 1.84 23.12.1985 Rotterdam (NED)  
Myrthe Beld PG 1.80 27.09.1989 Tubbergen (NED)  
Leonie Kooij PF 1.88 24.05.1986 Den Helder (NED)  
Mirelle Lagendijk SG 1.80 02.11.1986 Rotterdam (NED)  
Fieke Ligthart PF 1.84 08.09.1990 Amsterdam (NED)  
Rebecca Maessen PG 1.78 18.10.1984 Nijmegen (NED)  
Irene Johanna Sloof SG 1.79 06.01.1978 Haarlemmermeer (NED)  
Ilse van De Lagemaat PF 1.83 04.09.1989 Utrecht (NED)  
Natalie van den Adel SF 1.85 25.10.1990 Dordrecht (NED)  
4Zairah van Hooijdonk   01.06.1982 Nijmegen (NED)  
5Kim Hartman SF 1.75 25.03.1986 Heemstede (NED)  
6Laura Kooij SG 1.83 25.08.1982 Den Helder (NED)  
7Tanya Bröring PG 1.77 25.12.1984 Leiden (NED)  
8Rinske van Schooneveld PF 1.79 14.04.1979 Laren (NED)  
9Francisca Donders PG 1.68 29.01.1989 Eindhoven (NED)  
10Anouk Biesters SF 1.83 21.11.1986 Arnhem (NED)  
11Tahnee Katy Vogelsang PF 1.83 05.10.1985 's Gravenhage (NED)  
12Marloes Roetgerink 1.90 02.05.1977 Hengelo (NED)  
13Marie Hoogstraten PF 1.80 05.04.1988 Nimes (FRA)  
14Marlous Nieuwveen 1.95 12.04.1980 Leiderdorp (NED)  
15Emmelie Geraedts 1.88 20.02.1985 Weert (NED)  

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Iceland Shooting Cools Off In Fourth As Netherlands Prevail

The Netherlands stood firm in the face of a mammoth effort from Iceland's Helena Sverrisdottir to win Saturday's EuroBasket Women Division B qualifier 66-61 in Rotterdam.

Sverrisdottir had virtually kept her side in the match single-handedly with 25 points, 10 rebounds and two assists, but when she fouled out with 28 seconds left in the game, Iceland's victory hopes melted away.

Netherlands: Van Veen Appears To Have Team Ready For Qualifiers

The Netherlands women's side look likely to go into their upcoming EuroBasket Women qualifiers as one of the Division B favourites after a trio of handsome wins over Luxembourg.

The sides met on August 18, 19 and 20 as they both prepare for qualification to begin on September 9 but the hosts were outclassed by Meindart van Veen's team.

Netherlands: Van Veen Expecting Success28.06.2006




PTSL. Kooij14.3
RTM. Nieuwveen11.6
AST. Bröring2.4
STM. Nieuwveen1.8
BSM. Nieuwveen1.6


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09.09.2006vs ISL[W] 66-61 (H)
16.09.2006vs IRL[W] 77-53 (A)
23.09.2006vs NOR[W] 76-68 (A)
01.09.2007vs ISL[W] 73-52 (A)
08.09.2007vs IRL[W] 71-45 (H)
15.09.2007vs NOR[W] 62-37 (H)
22.09.2007vs GBR[L] 32-68 (A)
26.09.2007vs GBR[L] 58-60 (H)



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