Voorn: Division A Is Huge Step Up For Dutch

When Netherlands stepped onto the court against France in Makarska it marked a small but not insignificant part of basketball history - for it was the first time in Division A for the Dutch U20 men and so far, it has been a tough initiation.

According to Jessey Voorn, the Amsterdam guard who was one of the key players who helped clinch promotion last summer in Skopje, it is simply a case of believing for the newest team on the Division A block.

"We did a good job last year because I don't think anyone really believed that we could win Division B and get promotion.

"I think we are still a growing country when it comes to basketball and I think we just need to keep it going and to believe.

"We lost our first couple of games by around eight to 12 points and I think we just have to keep working hard and trying because maybe we are not quite at the level that we need just yet."

"We really have to begin that we deserve to be at this level and also that we can now win at this level. It is difficult because we make a lot of mistakes but it is important that we get our minds right and just keep fighting."

Certainly while wins have not yet materialised, the team has shown plenty of guts and spirit and the guard simply believes it is a case of adjusting to the step up in class between the two Divisions.

"Tactically, Division A is so much better as there are so many players already playing at the pro-level and in some cases at a high pro-level.

"Physically-wise there is maybe less of a difference but it is definitely a big step up in class."

"Division A teams are so much smarter and you have to really be aware of the pick and rolls and how well teams can execute against you I you are not alert to that."

"I am just sad that we can't quite match the teams so far but we have to keep our focus."

Voorn, who played in both EuroCup and EuroChallenge last season and is developing into one of the most effective and exciting young players in the Dutch league wants to finish his youth career on a high before focusing his attention on longer term goals.

"Above everything else, I want to make sure Netherlands stay in Division A and then after this summer, my dream is still to progress to the senior National Team.

"I want to keep working hard and hopefully one day be involved in qualification games and even get to play in a major tournament.

"I am still a young player but I guess after leaving Croatia, none of that will matter anymore. It will only matter how good I am as a player and that is as all I want to be - a good player."


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