Half-Court Press: Janis Ndiba


8. Janis Ndiba (Netherlands)
Janis Ndiba is averaging a tournament-high 13.3 rebounds after the first three games

The Netherlands are looking to rebound from a tough defeat to neighbours Belgium as they begin their Group F campaign at the U16 European Championship Women on Monday.

Fortunately in Janis Ndiba, they have one of the best rebounders at this level. Ndiba has racked up 40 boards in the first three games of the tournament, earning the opportunity to take on the Half-Court Press from

What's your first basketball memory?

I was 11 years old, and my mum said to me that I have to play basketball, she thought it could be good for me. She doesn't play basketball herself though.

Who is the best European player you've seen?

There are many good players - Serge Ibaka, Pau Gasol. I like their power, blocking shots.

Which is the best basketball game you've ever played in or watched?

Last year against Italy, we won by two points - that was a great moment.

Who is the most serious player on your team off the court, and who is the biggest joker?

Myself and Laura Westerik are making the jokes! Christy Buderman is serious, she is most of the time focused on herself and her basketball.

What was the first thing you packed to come to this tournament?

My basketball shoes, and my phone - need to keep in contact with mum and dad at home.

What are your eating requirements as a basketball player?

Pasta, meat and vegetables.

What are you going to eat when no-one is looking?

Normally the same, I like this food. But maybe sometimes I will have a pizza.

If the coach comes for dinner, what are you going to cook him?

Ha, I don't know, he drinks shakes, all the time we see him with shakes, so I guess I would have to find a good shake for him.

What did you do for the rest day?

Swimming, training, and watching videos, thinking about ourselves and what we can do better for the next time, the next game.

How do you stay calm before a big game?

Listening to music, Beyonce, every kind - music that helps me to relax but also prepares me for the game, so it warms me up too.

Playing on the senior national team one day and winning a medal at a future EuroBasket Women means...

It would be awesome, a great moment to be there with the gold medal.


05.08.2013 - U16 WOMEN

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