Telestet Maroussi Athens 80 - SLUC Nancy 65


No difficult issue for Maroussi tonight. They beated Nancy with 80-65. This was their 9th victory in the FEL.

Maroussi was in front by the very start, though thay played without Blackney and Tsiakos. The guests from France didn’t have any chance against the Greeks.

If the hosts want to gain the second place in their group, Dynamo has to win against Nahariya on wednesday. 

MVP: Oliver Popovic


SLUC Nancy 96 NIS Vojvodina 9303.02.2004
Sluc Nancy 80 - MBC Odessa 7420.01.2004
SLUC Nancy 95 Kalev Tallinn 5413.01.2004
ECM Nymburk 82 SLUC Nancy 7016.12.2003
Dynamo Moscow 105 SLUC Nancy 6810.12.2003
Sluc Nancy 92 Strauss Iscar Nahariya 9902.12.2003
NIS Vojvodina 103 SLUC Nancy 8125.11.2003

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