Half-Court Press: Amedeo Tessitori

15 August 2012

15. Amedeo Tessitori (Italy)
Amedeo Tessitori is a fighter under the basket and a solid frontcourt presence for Italy 

After playing with the Italian U20 team earlier in the summer, Amedeo Tessitori has grown as a player and is now producing his most significant performances with players of his own age.

He is averaging 11.8 points and 5.6 boards a night to have Italy on the verge of a quarter-final berth at the Samsung U18 European Championship.

Prior to his team's final Second Round game against Serbia, caught up with the power forward for the latest Half-Court Press. What's your first basketball memory?
Amedeo Tessitori: I started playing when I was 11 years old, it was a thing I enjoyed, my brothers were playing so they transmitted to me the love for the sport.

Why do you want to be a basketball player?
[Playing basketball] Is something I like doing and I'm used to doing the best I possibly can in everything I like doing.

What was the best game you have ever played in?
I'm not the kind of player who scores a lot of points or does spectacular things like that, but I remember the Italian U17 league finals last year, when I played two or three quite good games in a row.

What would it mean to play on the senior national team and win a medal?
It would mean a lot, really a lot to me. If I could help Italy show that we're still around, we're still a basketball nation at the top and if I could win a medal with the senior team at the EuroBasket or another competition of this level it would be the most important thing.

Who are the best European players you have ever seen?
I like Pau Gasol and Mike Batiste, they're two players I follow and I try to see how they do things to get inspiration.

Two seconds left on the shot-clock. Do you pass or shoot?
I would sure prefer to take the shot, but there's probably a few people more appropriate than me to take that shot.

Have you seen any good films lately that you can recommend?
Movies are my passion, I like watching films in general and one I can think of right now is ‘Enemy At The Gates', it's not so recent but I really liked it.

What part of training do you like less?
I can't stand warm-ups! My favourite part is the five-on-five at the end.

Do you know how to cook and what would you cook for your coach if he came to dinner?
This last year I've learned how to cook quite a few things. For the coach I would prepare my specialty, pasta sciutta with asparagus, pancetta and parmigiano cheese.


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