Russia Rebound From Loss, Beat Israel

06 August 2010
Group D
Stanislav Ilnitskiy (Russia)
Stanislav Ilnitskiy and Russia came back strong after the upset on Day 1

Russia joined the circle of winners in the U16 European Championship following a 76-58 triumph over Israel at Osnovna Skola Jugoslavija in Bar, Montenegro on Friday afternoon.

Thanks to the win Russia now stand on a 1-1 record in Group D while Israel still seek for their first win and hold a 0-2 record.

This was the second double-digit defeat of Israel that will face the strong Turkish team tomorrow, while Russia will face the local team of Montenegro still in the race for the top spot in the group.

Stanislav Ilnitskiy dominated the game for Russia with 25 points and 12 rebounds, Yury Pershin scored his first 11 in the tournament after missing all of his shots the previous day while Mikhail Kulagin added nine points.

Naor Sharon was the only player of Israel to reach double-digits as he collected 18.

Russia led from the first moment, and reached a double-digit lead already in the first period of the game, while Israel tried to storm back like they did yesterday, but didn't execute the plan.

The size of Russia created problems to Israel from the start, and fouls were the only way to prevent a basket, but after Russia hit all their eight attempts the first quarter finished with a 22-7 lead.

Ilnitskiy and Kulagin ruled the game for Russia while Israel didn't find answers and finished the first half still behind by a big margin, 37-21.

Even the back ups of Russia were good enough to maintain the lead, and when Kulagin joined the race the score was set on 51-31 after a three pointer.

Sharon was the only Israeli to execute as needed, and cut the margin to 15 early in the fourth quarter, but the effect wasn't felt, and Russia made one last run before the final buzzer to grab an 18 point win at the finish line.


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