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Third Quarter Run Propels Serbia & Montenegro - Poland Falls To Slovakia

Poland and Serbia & Montenegro advanced as the first- and second-place teams from Group B at the Termosteps U16 European Championship Women.

The latter had to win their game against Hungary on Sunday and did so in style, prevailing 57-42 behind Jovna Popovic's 21 points.

Accumulated historical results

2014U16 European Championship Womenth96/353.2/51.6
2013U16 European Championship Womenrd97/262.1/47.6
2012U16 European Championship Womenth95/462.2/52.3
2011U16 European Championship Women12 th81/748.0/58.4
2010U16 European Championship Women 98/166.9/50.2
2009U16 European Championship Women15 th63/362.8/64.8
2008U16 European Championship Womenth84/450.3/57.8
2007U16 European Championship Womenth84/456.9/58.4
2006U16 European Championship Women12 th83/558.6/58.5
2005U16 European Championship Women 11 th84/461.4/65.6
2004European Championship for Women U1610 th84/464.8/65.0
2003European Championship for Cadettes 51/464.4/72.8
2001European Championship for Cadettesth1611/568.6/61.9
1999European Championship for Cadettes 95/461.4/57.6
1997European Championship for Cadettesth83/560.4/68.5
1995European Championship for Cadettes 62/458.7/52.7
1993European Championship for Cadettesth75/268.3/62.6
1991European Championship for Cadettesth74/369.7/70.4
1989European Championship for Cadettes11 th73/457.0/58.1
1987European Championship for Cadettes10 th71/671.1/76.6
1985European Championship for Cadettesth74/372.6/61.4
1984European Championship for Cadettesth75/277.0/60.4
1982European Championship for Cadettesth73/460.4/62.9
1980European Championship for Cadettesth83/566.8/69.6
1976European Championship for Cadettesnd76/166.6/55.4