Turkey 70 Greece 75

06 September 2003

Greece won an intense and tough battle against Turkey. The game went back and forth. Both teams showed great basketball skills but too many fouls on Turkey's key players gave the Greeks the advantage they needed to secure the victory.  

Ibrahim Kutluay
Turkey must have learned a lesson from Friday's game when they started out both slow and uninspired. Against Greece they started the first quarter in a impressive way both in attack and defence. Best of all was Mehmet Okur who only needed three minutes to make his first 8 points. The Greeks couldn't cope with the Turkish speed and lost the first ten minutes 26-16.

Greece showed it yesterday and they showed it again today. They are a hard fighting team and when they really want, they know how to score. After less than three minutes in the second quarter they were only one point behind and eventually they went to the intermission with a five point lead, 41-36.

So far Greece were more effective from three point range. They were better not only in scoring but also in the way they played, moving the ball quickly around and giving time for the shooters.

In the third quarter Turkey came back strongly. They managed to close in on Greece and later on they took the lead. Turkey captain Ibrahim Kutluay scored some important points at the end of the quarter placing Turkey ahead again, now by five points, 59-54.

Greece seems to be a better team when they play under pressure. Two minutes into the fourth quarter it was all square again. When Fragiskos Alvertis scored his only two points in the game Greece was one point ahead.

Turkey tried to take control of the game but they never came closer than one point. Too many fouls gave Greece many free throws. With one minute left the Turks was trailing by four points but Greece had no problem to keep the distance.  

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