Greece 77 Croatia 76

05 September 2003

Aggressive underdog Croatia two seconds away from victory. Greece was trailing for almost the entire game when Croatian nerves became a part of the game. The Greek guard Christos Charisis had one opportunity and secured the victory for Greece, 77-76.

The Greek basketball fighters never gave up. Even if it for a long time looked like an Croatian victory. With four minutes left of the game the Croats had a 9 point lead. But good defence in the end gave the greeks the advantage. With one minute left Greek forward Efthymios Rentziaz made his fourth rebound and another two points for Greece.

Croatia had several chances to nail the game in the end. But the Croatian players failed to sink any of the last six free throws. Either because of nerves or the Greek crowd that did their best to support their team.

In the first quarter there was two effective and offensive teams that showed their baskeball skills. Greece started out as the somewhat better team. At the most a 4 point lead. But the Croation team showed that they were here to win and managed to win the quarter, 26-22.

Croatias aggresive defence gave good results in the second quarter. They forced Greece to many mistakes and five minutes into the second quarter Croatia was in the lead by 10 points. Greece had no sucess in their scoring attempts but managed to keep within a 9 point distance from Croatia at half time.

But Greece have a good team and they showed it in the beginning of the third quarter. With a 8-0 scoring run in one and a half minute they were only one point behind the Croats. And eventuallt also even, 51-51. But Croatia showed strength, came back, and took a 7 point lead before it was time for the final quarter.

And again Croatia seemed to be the better team and soon they had a 10 point lead. They manage to stay ahead for most of the quarter but when Greek captain from three point range made the basket things changed. The Croats couldn’t stop the hard fighting Greeks from closing in and eventually with two seconds left make the winning shot.

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