Plenty Of New Faces On Greece U20 Squad

30 May 2012

5. Sokratis Psaropoulos (Greece)
Point guard Sokratis Psaropoulos, who already got a lot of time on the court at last year's U20 European Championship, is one of the only three returing players on the Greek squad

Greece coach Kostas Missas has announced a 16-strong preliminary squad for the U20 European Championship that takes place in Slovenia from 12 to 22 July.

Three out of the four players that competed in last year's edition in Spain and are still eligible to play in this age group, are returning this summer.

The fourth is Linos Chrysikopoulos of Angelico Biella, one of the most talented Greeks of his generation.

Missas could not count on him though as the 2.05m small forward has had a troubled season, featuring in just seven league games with the Italian side.

Chrysikopoulos broke his arm during the game against Italy in last summer's U20 European Championship and has only recently fully recovered from that injury.

His three teammates that do return this year however, had already made an impact as 19-year-olds in Spain.

Point guard Sokratis Psaropoulos was in the starting line-up and contributed 11.4 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists during last year's tournament.

Shooting guard Spyros Motsenigos averaged 10.1 points and 2.3 rebounds per game, while forward Anastasios Antonakis had 5.0 points and 5.0 rebounds per contest.

Missas and his assistants, Yannis Eleytheriadis and Giorgos Limniatis, will gather the players for a first practice session on Thursday in Athens.

Greece U20 preliminary squad: Konstantinos Tsaprounis, (Ilisiakos), Stathis Papadionysiou (Doukas), Sokratis Psaropoulos (Peristeri), Yannis Sahpatzidis (H.A.N.Thessalonikis), Giorgos Mayrogiannis (Niki Volos), Spyros Panagiotaras (Ikaros), Spyros Motsenigos (Rethymno), Alexandros Vasileiadis (Aris), Fotios Zoumpos (Panathinaikos), Anastasios Antonakis (Pagkrati), Antonis Davanis (Mantulidis), Nikos Kampouris (Olympiakos), Petros Melissaratos (Alimos), Vassilis Mallis (Akrata), Marios Dermitzakis (Aiolos ), Petros Velissariou (Mantulidis).


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20.07.2012 - U20 MEN
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