Spain Show Goes On Against Greece

15 July 2011
U20 European Championship

If anyone doubted Spain's ability to write another great performance within 24 hours, an impressive win 94-77 over Greece in Group C gave them the answer.

With this win the hosting team take a 2-0 record at the top of the standings and lock their path to the Qualifying Round holding a goal difference of +66 after two games already, and have already secured the top spot in the group.

Spain is also the only team in the tournament so far to reach 90 points, and they have already done that twice.

Greece fell to 1-1 and share the second spot in the group with Turkey before the deciding day of the Preliminary Round.

The team that suffered the biggest damage from Spain's win is Austria that became the first team to be knocked out from the race.

Austria lost any chance to make the Qualifying Round already tonight despite two great performances in the first days, and will play the 13-16 Classification Round in hope to survive in Division A for at least one more year.

Nikola Mirotic dominated the floor with 32 points and 10 boards joined by Joan Sastre with 25 points behind 5 three pointers.

Greece saw Linos Chrysikopoulos shine with 20 points and 8 rebounds, Georgios Georgakis and Sokratis Psaropoulos scored 14 points each.

Despite the big difference at the last buzzer, Greece managed to put up a fight for over three quarters.

Spain was quick to take a 13-5 lead after four minutes, and Mirotic reached 11 points, just like the entire team of Greece, after 6:36 minutes already.

Chrysikopoulos scored his first field goal only in the 2nd quarter but Greece was just a step behind, 25-23 after 11 minutes.

Mirotic continued to do as he pleased and reached 19 points before half time and saw Jose Gil execute a huge follow-up dunk right before the buzzer to set the half time score on 46-37.

Spain remained on top and crossed the 10-point line, yet Chrysikopoulos pushed his side back in the game and with 13 minutes to play it was just a 5-point game.

A big step up on defense with full court pressure by Spain marked the end of Greek hopes, and a 9-0 run pushed the gap between the sides to 22, and delighted the thousands of fans who came to support their national team.

Tomorrow Spain will face Austria while the intriguing battle between Greece and Turkey will decide the 2nd spot in the group.


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