Finch Looks For Change Of Fortunes At Final Four

17 April 2008

Dexia Mons-Hainaut coach Chris Finch isn't about to panic, but his team has definitely provided him with some frustrating moments ahead of the EuroCup Final Four.

Set to take on hosts Proteas AEL in Limassol on Friday, Mons go into the event on the back of a string of losses that has ruled them out of the regular-season title race in Belgium.

"We have no injuries, we're fully healthy, but we enter the Final Four on three straight buzzer-beater losses, one in overtime we should have won," Finch said to Basketball World News from Amsterdam Airport on Wednesday before his team boarded a flight to Cyprus.

"In every game, we're giving ourselves chances but not doing the little things you need to do, especially at the end of the game, to win.

"We're trying to stay positive, though, and hopefully the change of environment will help."

No amount of losing will ever dampen the enthusiasm of a coach or player ahead of a Final Four.

Is Finch confident, or excited ahead of Friday's game?

"I'm both," he said. "I'm confident and excited. We're always confident when we take the floor."

A EuroCup win would certainly serve as a launch pad for greater things back in Belgium.

"The league is so close, we've definitely blown our chance to finish on top in the regular season," he said.

"But we're guaranteed a play-off spot, unless we have a catastrophe. We'll try to have the best finish possible to improve our seeding.

"It's been so long since we qualified for the Final Four, I'm hoping that when we get to Cyprus, the atmosphere will rekindle our emotions."


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