Nowitzki Bails Germany Out Again

25 September 2005
By David Hein

Team work this, team work that.

Dirk Nowitzki is the overwhelming Most Valuable Player favourite after again bailing out Germany with a turn-around fadeaway jumpshot with three seconds left to give Germany a 74-73 victory over Spain and a shot at their second EuroBasket title.

Nowitzki and Germany can match their 1993 title on Sunday with a win over the 1987 champions Greece in the Belgrade Arena.

Garbajosa kind of pushed me towards the baseline so I just went with that. And luckily it went in
Dirk Nowitzki

"Dirk bailed us out again," German coach Dirk Bauermann said. "(Spanish forward Jorge) Garbajosa played him pretty good. But superstars make those types of shots."

Stephen Arigbabu said of the amazing shot: "There are no words for that last shot. I don't know how he does it."

Nowitzki offered a little insight.

"I looked at (Juan Carlos) Navarro's shot go in (with 14 seconds left) and thought to myself I wanted to start my offensive move with about six or seven seconds left so we could also get an offensive rebound. Garbajosa kind of pushed me towards the baseline so I just went with that. And luckily it went in."

Germany again proved they could win with their style of lots of Dirk to go with the rest of the guys. All 12 Germans played in the game and only two didn't score.

"We tried to fight form the first to the last minute," Demirel said.

"We fought as a team. But we also made it difficult for ourselves at times," Nowitzki said.

"We were out-rebounded by 17 (39-22), and you don't usually win if you get out-rebounded like that. but we won because we played together," Bauermann said. "We had 18 assists. And that many assists in Europe is an incredible statistic.

"We shared the ball; we found the open guys; and we controlled the tempo."

Bauermann said keeping the Spanish from their up-tempo style of game was the key to success.

"We wanted the game in the 70s, and not in the 80s or 90s. They're a great offensive team, and we though it would be very difficult if got out and ran," the coach said.

"This is maybe one of the biggest sensations in European basketball."

Germany now face Greece in the final, a match we people would have expected.

"I don't think anybody would have put money on us," Bauermann said.


09.10.2005 - By Tim Hanlon, PA Sport
26.09.2005 - By Kevin Anselmo and David Hein

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