Bulk Of Mannheim Team In Preliminary U18 German Squad


Germany coach Kay Blumel has named 20 players to gather in Heidelberg on June 8 as they being their preparations for the U18 European Championship in Greece and there was a mild surprise with Erik Land of TSV Breitengüßbach only being listed on stand-by.

Simon Schmitz, a back-up point guard at last year's U18 event, and most of the players who took part in this year's Albert Schweitzer Tournament, where Germany finished ninth, have been included.

But Land and Harald Debelka of Proveo Crailsheim Merlin, who was also in Mannheim earlier this year, have been put on stand-by.

Maik Zirbes, Simon Schmitz, Jonas Navarro-Bottermann - a player deemed to have NBA potential - and Jusuf el-Domiaty are all named as well as the explosive scorer Femi Oladipo of BSG Bremerhaven.

Germany have been drawn in Group C with Ukraine, France and Russia for this year's U18 event in Amaliada and Pyrgos.

Players called to Heidelberg: Nico Adamczak (VFB Hermsdorf / IBBA Berlin), Nico Drägert (ALBA Berlin), Jusuf El Domiaty (SG Braunschweig), Niels Giffey (TuS Lichterfelde / ALBA Berlin), Melvin Gyau (BIS Speyer Baskets), Simon Hoppe (Gulliver Senior High School / USA), Robert Hülsewede (TSVE Bielefeld / Paderborn Baskets), Tobias Korndoerfer (Bayern Munich), Marvin Kruchen (TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen), Daniel Leithner (TSV Breitengüßbach), Steven Monse (ALBA Berlin), Femi Oladipo (BSG Bremerhaven), Yannick Schicktanz (MTV Kronberg), Simon Schmitz (BIS Speyer Baskets), Max Schulze Pals (TV Werne / Phoenix Hagen), Maurice Stuckey (SG Urspringschule), Akeem Vargas (Urspringschule SG), Bastian Winterhalter (SOBA Rhörndorf) Jonas Navarro-Bottermann (Telekom Baskets Bonn), Maik Zirbes (TVG Baskets Trier).

On stand-by: Harald Debelka (Proveo Crailsheim Merlin), Erik Land (TSV Breitengüßbach).

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