Half-Court Press: Nele Aha & Emma Stach


Emma Stach (Germany)
Emma Stach admits there might be need for two basketballs at the end of a close game, as both her and her teammate Nele Aha would not shy away from taking the decisive shot. set a high pressure defence on the German backcourt and one point guard was not enough to feed this interview. The team's captain Nele Aha and the top scorer Emma Stach took charge of the German game and showed pretty much class, after a heavy defeat against Italy on Day Two of the U16 European Championship Women. What's your first basketball memory?
Emma Stach (ES): I remember my first game, when I was six years old, playing in a boys' team!
Nele Aha (NA): The same happened with me, as we didn't have enough girls to play with, we had to play against the boys.

Why did you want to become a basketball player?
NA: Because we love this sport. We love to play as a team.
ES: It's a team sport, which makes it really special to be on court with your teammates.

The main difference between Division A and Division B (both players were crowned champions at last year's U16 European Championship Women Division B) is ...
NA: It's a big difference; we have much more pressure playing in Division A, as the Division B teams are not so good.
ES: In Division B each team has a leader, but in Division A every team has five or six excellent players, it's very hard to defend teams like these.

Four players of the German team come from Göttingen, what's so special about the city?
NA: When we were younger we had an excellent coach, Stefan Mienack, (currently Germany's assistant coach). He teached us a lot of things about basketball and I think that's what made us national team players.

How do you imagine basketball when you're 30 years old?
NA: 30? I'll be so old ... but I'm sure will be playing, maybe not in a strong league, but I will definitely be playing.
ES: As long as we keep having fun, we'll still be playing when we're 30!

Which part of training you like less?
NA: The warm up. I just want to play and sometimes I think there isn't a real need to warm up.
ES: I agree. It's every day the same thing, too much repetition ... I prefer to play.

What's your favourite food?
NA and ES (at the same time): Pasta!

Would you be able to cook it if your coach ate dinner at your house?
ES: Of course!
NA: Yes, and I think she would love it.

Who's your favourite artist?
NA: Drake.
ES: We both love hip hop and R'n'B, Drake is definitely our choice.

Well, there's only 2 seconds on the shot clock, will you pass or shoot?
NA: I'll shoot!
ES: Well, we'll need two basketballs, one on the right and another on the left side, as I want to shoot too!


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