EuroBasket 2005 Final - The Tale Of The Tape

By Yarone Arbel

Germany, Greece, France and Spain will all battle for a piece of silverware on the final day of EuroBasket 2005 action.

From the most medal winners to the best free throw shooting finalists, we compare all the historical facts from the 34 EuroBaskets since 1935.

EuroBasket overall finals facts

  • 10 different teams have won the title
  • The USSR won more titles than any other team – 14 times
  • The USSR also holds the longest winning streak with 8 titles in a row between 1957 and 1971
  • Italy is the only team that has won two EuroBasket titles. Only three teams (USSR, Yugoslavia and Lithuania) have won more than twice. Greece and Germany have one each, so the winner tomorrow will join Italy as the 4th
  • Sunday's final will crown a new champion for the 5th time in a row
  • No team has been able to win back-to-back titles since Yugoslavia in 1995 and 1997
  • The first champion was Latvia
  • The last champion was Lithuania

Similar facts – Germany and Greece

  • Both teams have won the title once
  • Both won their title as the host nation
  • Both won their title against the same team (Germany beat Russia, Greece beat the USSR)
  • Both won their single title thanks to accurency from the free throw line in the last seconds. Christian Welp scored one shot from the free throw line in the last seconds to give Germany a 71-70 win in 1993. Argiris Kambouris scored twice from the line to give Greece a 103-101 win in 1987
  • Both sides have gold medallists on their coaching staff. Christian Welp is now Germany's assistant coach and Greece head coach Panagiotis Yannakis was one of the stars of Greece's 1987 gold medal team

Germany Facts

  • Germany have never lost a EuroBasket final
  • Germany have won only one medal in EuroBasket, gold in 1993
  • Germany had another chance to win a medal in 2001, but lost in the bronze medal game to Spain

Greece Facts

  • Greece are back in the finals for the first time since 1989, when they lost to Yugoslavia
  • Greece's EuroBasket finals record is 1-1
  • The last time Greece won the title was in 1987
  • The last time Greece played in a EuroBasket final, France and Spain played each other in a classification game (For the 5th place and Spain won)
  • The last time Greece won the final, Spain lost the game for the 3rd place.
  • Greece can become the first country since the USSR to be European Champion both in football and basketball. The USSR won the first football European Championship in 1960 and the basketball European Championships both in 1959 and 1961. No other country has since been able to repat that feat

Bronze Medal Game

  • The USSR (including Russia in 1997) and Czechoslovakia have won more bronze medaals than any other team (5). France can join them at the top of the list by winning their 5th bronze if they beat Spain
  • In the last 5 EuroBaskets, 5 different teams have won the bronze medal
  • A total of 12 different teams have won the bronze medal
  • Three teams (France, Croatia & Poland) have won back-to-back bronze medals
  • Greece is the only team to have lost the game for the bronze medal 3 times in a row (1993 till 1997)
  • Four teams have lost the bronze medal game twice in a row (Greece, Spain, France & Hungary)

France Facts

  • France have not won a medal since 1959
  • France have finished 4th more times than any other team (6)
  • France have won the bronze medal 4 times
  • France have lost the last 4 bronze medal games they have played in
  • France lost the game for the bronze medal most recently in 1999 and in 2003
  • France won their first Bronze medal at the second ever EuroBasket in 1937

Spain Facts

  • Spain have won a medal at the last three EuroBaskets
  • None of these medals were gold
  • The first was silver (2003), the second bronze (2001), the third s ilver again (1999), and now…back to bronze?
  • Spain have finished 4th in EuroBasket four times, more than any other team other than…France.
  • Spain have won the bronze medal twice.
  • Spain have never won the bronze medal when Yugoslavia didn't win the title.


25.09.2005 - By Kevin Anselmo
25.09.2005 - By Simon Wilkinson, PA Sport

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