Belgium Advance To Semi-Finals After OT


Turning Point: France's 9-0 run in the last quarter transformed this game into a thriller, with both teams fighting for a Semi-Final ticket in overtime.

Game Hero: Julie Allemand. 21 points made her the game most prolific scorer and, with a three-pointer at the start of overtime start, she carried her Belgian team.

Stats Don't Lie: Belgium made 38 points in the paint, while France made 28. The Belgians had their biggest advantage in Kyara Linskens and they made sure they profit from it.


13. Kyara Linskens (Belgium)
Kyara Linskens dominated the boards with 15 rebounds to help Belgium overcome France.

The Quarter-Finals of the U16 European Championship Women could not have started in a more thrilling way, with Belgium defeating France after overtime, 67-60.

Belgium started better in the first quarter but that just lasted until Lisa Berkani made her first three-pointer to turn things around, with 2:15 played.

It was then France's high pace offense, passing the ball between all their players to find open shots that made a difference in the game.

Belgium's head coach Arvid Diels was very nervous on the sideline and a technical foul was awarded to the Belgian bench, as France reached their highest lead in the first quarter, being up nine points with two minutes to play.

Phebe Reman and Kyara Linskens made their third personal fouls in the second period, while the French were keeping their lead with three of five three-pointer attempts made by Louise Dambach.

But Belgium reacted bravely, with guards Julie Allemand and Eva Devliegher pressing the French ball possession.

The lead changed during the last three minutes of the second quarter, with the Belgians going to half time with a two-point advantage, 35-33.

Belgium entered the second half focusing on defence and stopping the French offensive initiatives.

Devliegher's three-pointer with two minutes played in the third period and Allemand's acrobatic lay-up three minutes later, made Belgium reach a five-point lead.

In the last quarter, France were on a 9-0 run, as Louise Dambach committed her fifth personal foul and was out of the game with 4:20 to play.

Linskens missed two free throws attempts and the French were getting more confident.

Finally Julie Allemand scored a lay-up to stop the French run but, in the last minute, the game became a real thriller, as Limousin tied the game with a three-pointer, 54-54.

Katia Clanet assured the French lead with a three-point play and Allemand tied it again with 26 seconds to go, 56-56.

In the last possession, neither Belgium nor France were able to score.

Allemand opened overtime with a three-point shot and Belgium dominated during these final minutes, as the French lack in experience showed.

Linskens' eight points and 15 rebounds and Eva Devliegher's nine points and three assists were great contributions to the Belgian victory.

Berkani and Dambach, with 15 and 14 points respectively, were the top scorers in the French team.



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