2012 Olympics And Beyond For Brits

British Basketball has taken huge steps forward in both men's and women's basketball the past few years to get ready for the 2012 Olympics in London.

The sport's bosses say they have no intention of slowing down once those Games have been played.

Foreign Coaches Make Themselves At Home
Merriam-Webster defines a foreigner as "a person belonging to or owing allegiance to a foreign country".

Nine of the 16 head coaches at EuroBasket 2009 know a thing or two about owing their allegiances to foreign countries as they are leading national teams other than their native lands - with a mixed bag of success.



NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
 Robert Archibald 2.11 29.03.1980 Paisley (SCO)  
 Eric Boateng 2.09 20.11.1985 London (ENG)  
 Daniel Clark 2.08 16.09.1988 Greenwich-London (ENG)  
 Duke Forbes SG 1.85 18.11.1980 London (ENG)  
 Ben Gordon PG 1.88 04.04.1983 London (ENG)  
 Guy Guede SG 1.96 11.01.1987 Koumassi (CIV)  
 Steven Hansell 1.88 17.02.1975 Birmingham (ENG)  
 Dzaflo Larkai PF 2.03 12.12.1981 Lambeth (ENG)  
 Mike Lenzly 1.89 01.05.1981 Oxford (ENG)  
 Steven Leven 1.97 15.10.1981 Sydney (AUS)  
 Ryan Richards 2.12 24.04.1991 Chatham (ENG)  
 Justin Robinson 1.85 17.10.1987 London (ENG)  
 Yorick Williams 1.92 29.07.1975 Manchester (ENG)  
 4Jarrett Hart 1.94 04.11.1980 London (ENG)  
 5Richard Midgley PG 1.91 07.07.1983 Maidstone (ENG)  
 6Nick George 1.98 25.09.1982 Manchester (ENG)  
 7Pops Mensah-Bonsu 2.06 07.09.1983 Enfield (ENG)  
 8Andrew Sullivan 2.03 12.02.1980 London (ENG)  
 9Luol Deng 2.06 16.04.1985 Sudan (SUD)  
10Kieron Achara 2.08 03.07.1983 Stirling (SCO)  
11Joel Freeland 2.08 07.02.1987 Aldershot (ENG)  
12Nate Reinking 1.83 12.12.1973 OH (USA)  
14Flinder Boyd 1.80 12.02.1980 San Francisco (USA)  
15Andrew Betts 2.17 11.05.1977 Coalville, Leicester (ENG)  


Head Coach: Christopher Finch
Assistant Coach: Timothy Lewis ,
Tony Garbelotto ,
Nicholas Nurse

More Headlines

Serbia Through, GB Headed Home

Serbia clinched the final spot on offer for the Qualifying Round of the EuroBasket from Group C with a clinical 77-59 win over Great Britain.

Nenad Kirstic and Milenko Tepic each poured in 17 points for the Blues, with Nate Reinking scoring a game-high 21 in defeat for Britain.

Nilsen: A Part Of History

If you have the chance of playing a small but active part in basketball history you should probably take it. With this in mind, I abandoned the usually sterile and passive environment of the media area, grabbed my game ticket and clambered into the spectator area of Torwar Hall.

It was Monday 7th September 2009 in Warsaw and time to actively experience history in the making. I stood shoulder to shoulder with my fellow countrymen from Great Britain and shared the dawning of a day that we all thought would never arrive.

One Ticket To Lodz09.09.2009
It’s Almost Rule Britannia But Spain Survive08.09.2009
Spain, Great Britain Fight For First Win08.09.2009
Slovenia Pull Away Late, Top Great Britain07.09.2009
Slovenia Open With Great Britain06.09.2009
Great Britain Make Final Cuts05.09.2009
Brits’ Pops Joins Team With EuroBasket Approaching03.09.2009
Kristaps Nails Late Jump Shot To Beat Brits27.08.2009
Brits Hopeful Of Getting Pops Soon25.08.2009
Brits Beat Slovenia To Stop Rot; Spain Trounce Lithuania22.08.2009


Great Britain
Great Britain


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03.09.2008vs ISR[L] 92-102 (A)
06.09.2008vs CZE[W] 87-68 (H)
10.09.2008vs BIH[W] 82-74 (H)
13.09.2008vs ISR[W] 96-86 (H)
17.09.2008vs CZE[W] 67-63 (A)
20.09.2008vs BIH[L] 80-89 (A)



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