Cyprus Celebrate A Gold Medal Success


All Tournament Team: Eleanor Jones (SCO), Stefanie Foukaris (CYP), Tournament MVP Tijana Raca (CYP), Lauren Forde (SCO), Margaux Varvello (MON)
All Tournament Team: Eleanor Jones (SCO), Stefanie Foukaris (CYP), Tournament MVP Tijana Raca (CYP), Lauren Forde (SCO) and Margaux Varvello (MON)

After landing successive silver medals at the U16 European Championship Women Division C, it was a case of third time lucky for Cyprus, who sailed to the top of the podium led by Tournament MVP Tijana Raca.

The small forward finished with 16.3 points, 8.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 2.0 steals per game for her team, as they finished top of the heap and unbeaten in Gibraltar.

Sunday's title game saw Cyprus and Scotland go head-to-head and in the end, it was the former who preserved their perfect status by taking a convincing 67-40 victory.

The Cypriot players proved unstoppable and caught fire at both ends of the court in a one-sided 22-3 second quarter, which proved fatal for Scotland.

Raca had 20 points, whilst team-mate Eleni Oikonomidou had a fine double-double of 23 points and 12 rebounds, as well as a stunning seven steals, which helped stifle the Scottish offence.

Oikonomidou was edged out of the All Tournament Team, but joining Raca was the third Cypriot to shine during the event, in the form of center Stefanie Foukaris.

Lauren Forde was often the driving force for Scotland as they settled for silver and despite a disappointing final game, she was the third member of the team and deservedly recognised for three excellent displays previously.

Meanwhile Eleanor Jones also sealed an All Tournament Team spot with a phenomenal performance in the paint.

The forward was the best rebounder in the competition with an average of 13.5 each time she stepped onto the floor for Scotland and she was impressively clinical at the basket too, managing a healthy 54.8% field goal performance inside.

The Principality Of Monaco took bronze courtesy of wins against Wales and Gibraltar, with Margaux Varvello completing the All Tournament Team line-up.

Finally, Joelle Grech poured in 25 points for the hosts as Gibraltar signed off on a high note, by completing a 55-41 success against Wales, who went home empty-handed and without a win to their name.


08.07.2013 - U16 WOMEN DIVISION C
05.07.2013 - U16 WOMEN DIVISION C

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