Hapoel Samsung Tel Aviv 95 - Honka Playboys Espoo 58


The game started with a 4-0 run for Honka, but this was their only lead in the whole game.

Playing hard defence the Reds enforced easy lay-ups for themselves.
Hapoel was able to increase their lead every quarter. After 35 minutes the hosts led by 41 points (87:47).

Final score was 95:58.

MVP: Matan Naor


Polonia Warbud 96 Honka Playboys 7929.01.2004
GHP Bamberg 70 Honka Playboys Espoo 6814.01.2004
Honka Playboys 67 BC Kyiv 8016.12.2003
Honka Playboys 77 Skonto Riga 5109.12.2003
ARIS BSA 97 Honka Playboys 6002.12.2003
Ural Great 94 Honka Playboys 5125.11.2003
Honka Playboys Espoo 72 - Polonia Warbud Warszawa 7718.11.2003

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