BC Kyiv 66 - Honka Playboys 58

28 October 2003

BC Kyiv took top spot in Group C of the FIBA Europe League tonight, handing the Honka Playboys their third loss in the FIBA Europe League.

From the very beginning of the game the guests from Finland took control and led 6:0, followed by a 13:7-lead after 6 minutes. The interest to the game was rather big, the arena was sold out and the game was shown live on the First Ukrainian TV-Channel.

Nevertheless the guests from Finland could increase their lead to 20:9. After 20 minutes the score was 34:25 in favor of Honka Playboys.In the first half Kyiv couldn’t compensate the absence of Reggie Geary due to injury.

But after the break it seemed like Kyiv finally woke up. It was especially Andriy Lebedyev (22 points, 5 assists) who brought Kyiv back into the game. The hosts finally took their first lead of the night at a score of 49:46.

But Honka managed to stay close to Kyiv even though they didn’t hit any three-pointer in the last ten minutes. The game finished with the score 66:58. It was the second game BC Kyiv won in the FIBA Europe League 2004 and the third loss for the Playboys.

GAME MVP: Andriy Lebedyev


Polonia Warbud 96 Honka Playboys 7929.01.2004
Hapoel Samsung Tel Aviv 95 - Honka Playboys Espoo 5821.01.2004
GHP Bamberg 70 Honka Playboys Espoo 6814.01.2004
Honka Playboys 67 BC Kyiv 8016.12.2003
Honka Playboys 77 Skonto Riga 5109.12.2003
ARIS BSA 97 Honka Playboys 6002.12.2003
Ural Great 94 Honka Playboys 5125.11.2003
Honka Playboys Espoo 72 - Polonia Warbud Warszawa 7718.11.2003

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