Honka Playboys 67 GHP Bamberg 80

04 November 2003

The game between Honka Playboys and Bamberg started really tightly. The guests from Germany were ahead all the time by a couple of points, but Honka Playboys hung in there.

The Finn's young star Shawn Huff had two great dunks and he pulled the home crowd behind his team. After the first quarter the score was 14-16 and the game remained tight until the last two minutes of the half. Then the big Uvis Helmanis show began. The Latvian national player hit five three pointers in the game, three of which came at the end of in the first half.

However, American Steve Woodberry helped Honka to recover with several great assist to his teammates and Honka managed to get back into the game. To no avail: in four minutes – the last two before the half time and the first two in the third quarter - Bamberg outscored Honka Playboys 12-0 and kept this huge lead until the end of the game.

Bamberg took a 15 point lead with Gert Kullamäes and Helmanis' three pointers, in addition to world class baskets from Derrick Taylor. The last quarter was only question of playing down the clock. Due to its greater experience Bamberg won the game 80-67 against the young Playboys team.

Game-MVP: Uvis Helmanis


Polonia Warbud 96 Honka Playboys 7929.01.2004
Hapoel Samsung Tel Aviv 95 - Honka Playboys Espoo 5821.01.2004
GHP Bamberg 70 Honka Playboys Espoo 6814.01.2004
Honka Playboys 67 BC Kyiv 8016.12.2003
Honka Playboys 77 Skonto Riga 5109.12.2003
ARIS BSA 97 Honka Playboys 6002.12.2003
Ural Great 94 Honka Playboys 5125.11.2003
Honka Playboys Espoo 72 - Polonia Warbud Warszawa 7718.11.2003

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