Céline Dumerc (BOURGES BASKET)

Céline Dumerc

Nationality: FRA
Born : 09.07.1982
Place of birth: Tarbes (FRA)
Height: 1.68m
Position: PG

11.3Points per game
4.3Rebounds per game
4.4Assists per game





  • » Ranks #6 in 3 Pts Field Goals Made (1.6)
  • » Ranks #10 in 3 Pts Field Goals Attempted (4.4)
  • » Ranks #15 in Drawn Fouls (3.9)
  • » Ranks #19 in 3 Pts Field Goal Percentage (36.8%)
  • » Ranks #8 in Assists (4.4)
  • » Ranks #8 in Turnovers (3.3)
Celine Dumerc - EuroBasket Women 2013 Profile

Team 2012-13: Bourges Basket (France - LFB)

Career: CFBB (France-NF2, 1997-2000), Tarbes GB (France-LFB, 2000-03), Bourges Basket (France-LFB, 2003-09), UMMC Ekaterinburg (Russia-Premier League, 2009-11), Bourges Basket (France-LFB, 2011-13)

The reigning FIBA Europe Women's Player of the Year, Dumerc, was the star of the London 2012 Olympics. The captain of the French team is a floor general of the highest class, especially defensively, where many regard her as the best in the business. Most recently, she has been playing the most productive basketball of her career and with a huge smile on her face too, helping Bourges to a third-place finish at the EuroLeague Women Final Eight. Few players in world basketball possess her fantastic court vision and creative abilities. The left-handed Dumerc has outstanding quickness and ball handling skills, dictating the tempo of any game when she steps onto the floor. Over the last 12 months or so, she seems to have been willing to take on more direct scoring responsibilities for both club and country, answering those who questioned whether she possessed the ability to freely put points on the board. Guard closely and she will dribble past you in a heartbeat, stand off and she will shoot, particularly from three-point range. Now gaining wider recognition away from the court, she is definitely the heartbeat and star of Les Bleues.


vs Wisla Can-Pack (W 61-55)341/425.00/10.01/333.31/250.00445530334
vs Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje (L 84-62)324/1526.73/933.31/616.73/3100.004445203612
vs Rivas Ecopolis (W 60-49)357/1643.85/862.52/825.03/475.003357004419
vs Tarsus (W 61-65)300/40.00/20.00/20.02/450.00336330352
vs Uni Györ (W 57-47)292/633.31/333.31/333.30/00.00113330225
vs BK IMOS Brno (W 60-63)354/1136.43/933.31/250.00/30.01675310259
vs Wisla Can-Pack (L 68-64)315/1435.74/1040.01/425.00/00.024652103211
vs Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje (W 77-72)358/1553.33/933.35/683.30/20.003342301721
vs Rivas Ecopolis (L 65-62)353/742.93/650.00/10.00/00.01453500316
vs Tarsus (W 66-63)335/1435.71/616.74/850.03/475.005521101417
vs Uni Györ (W 59-65)334/1040.03/742.91/333.34/4100.0224104212413
vs BK IMOS Brno (W 85-60)295/1145.53/933.32/2100.00/00.012370403212
vs Wisla Can-Pack (L 54-57)325/1145.54/757.11/425.00/00.004463004011
vs Wisla Can-Pack (W 38-50)341/119.11/714.30/40.01/425.00992210343
vs Wisla Can-Pack (W 66-59)344/944.44/757.10/20.04/4100.014532203512
vs Fenerbahce (L 69-44)263/742.93/560.00/20.00/00.00111610536
vs Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje (W 71-64)347/1546.73/650.04/944.43/837.524665102421
vs Famila Schio (W 60-56)352/922.20/40.02/540.00/00.00115500346
vs UMMC Ekaterinburg (L 73-44)355/1338.53/837.52/540.00/00.004432103512
vs Good Angels Kosice (W 65-57)348/1650.04/850.04/850.04/666.725731104824
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points2424.03.2013 vs. Good Angels Kosice25 - EuroLeague Women 2009
05.11.2008 vs Halcon Avenida
Total Rebounds922.02.2013 vs. Wisla Can-Pack13 - EuroLeague Women 2014
11.04.2014 vs Fenerbahce
Assists1031.01.2013 vs. Uni Györ12 - Ronchetti Cup 2002
09.01.2002 vs Nirosoft
Steals406.02.2013 vs. BK IMOS Brno10 - European Championship for Junior Women 2000
15.08.1999 vs Austria
Blocked Shots131.01.2013 vs. Uni Györ2 - EuroLeague Women 2015
26.11.2014 vs Agü Spor
Minutes356 times40 - 3 times
Field Goals Made82 times10 - EuroLeague Women 2009
05.11.2008 vs Halcon Avenida
Field Goals Attempted162 times17 - EuroLeague Women 2009
30.01.2009 vs Gambrinus
2 Pts Field Goals Made507.11.2012 vs. Rivas Ecopolis6 - 4 times
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted1012.12.2012 vs. Wisla Can-Pack11 - European Championship for Junior Women 2000
14.08.1999 vs Romania
3 Pts Field Goals Made519.12.2012 vs. Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje5 - 2 times
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted919.03.2013 vs. Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje9 - 4 times
Free Throws Made43 times9 - EuroLeague Women 2008
19.12.2007 vs ZVVZ Prague
Free Throws Attempted819.03.2013 vs. Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje15 - EuroLeague Women 2008
19.12.2007 vs ZVVZ Prague
Offensive Rebounds24 times5 - EuroLeague Women 2006
15.12.2005 vs UMMC
Defensive Rebounds922.02.2013 vs. Wisla Can-Pack12 - EuroLeague Women 2014
11.04.2014 vs Fenerbahce
Participations in FIBA Europe competitionsPPGRPGAPG
EuroLeague Women 2015 (Bourges Basket)
FIBA World Championship for Women 2014 (France)
EuroLeague Women 2014 (Tango Bourges)
EuroBasket Women - Final Round 2013 (France)
EuroLeague Women 2013 (Bourges Basket)
Olympic Games: Tournament for Women 2012 (France)
FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament for Women 2012 (France)
EuroLeague Women 2012 (Bourges Basket)
EuroBasket Women - Final Round 2011 (France)
EuroLeague Women 2011 (UMMC Ekaterinburg)
ELW All Star Game 2011 (Europe)
FIBA World Championship for Women 2010 (France)
EuroLeague Women 2010 (UMMC Ekaterinburg)
EuroBasket Women - Final Round 2009 (France)
EuroLeague Women 2009 (Bourges Basket)
EuroLeague Women All Star Game 2009 (Europe)
EuroBasket Women - DIVISION A 2009 (France)
EuroLeague Women 2008 (Bourges Basket)
EuroLeague Women All Star Game 2008 (Europe)
EuroBasket Women - Final Round 2007 (France)
EuroLeague Women 2007 (Bourges Basket)
World Championship for Women 2006 (France)
EuroLeague Women 2006 (Bourges Basket)
EuroBasket Women - Final Round 2005 (France)
EuroBasket Women - DIVISION A 2005 (France)
FIBA EuroLeague Women 2005 (Bourges)
FIBA EuroLeague Women 2004 (Bourges Basket)
European Championship for Women - Final Round 2003 (France)
World Championship for Young Women 2003 (France)
EuroLeague Women 2003 (Tarbes GB)
European Championship for Young Women - Final Round 2002 (France)
Ronchetti Cup 2002 (Tarbes GB)
European Championship for Young Women - Qualifying Round 2002 (France)
World Championship for Junior Women 2001 (France)
Ronchetti Cup 2001 (Tarbes GB)
European Championship for Junior Women - Final Round 2000 (France)
European Championship for Junior Women - Challenge Round 2000 (France)
European Championship for Junior Women - Qualifying Round 2000 (France)
European Championship for Junior Women - Final Round 1998 (France)
European Championship for Cadettes - Final Round 1997 (France)



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