Ilona Burgrova: A View From Prague


Ilona Burgrova is playing her third season in the EuroLeague Women with ZVVZ USK Prague. She has been representing the Czech Republic since she first stepped out as a cadette, in 1999. Ilona is writing for to give us her insight into the 2011/2012 EuroLeague Women season.

Hey guys :)

This is going to be another short blog entry.

The reason is simple. This week we played in Ekaterinburg and let me tell you something...the traveling, and the time change completely kill me!!

Going there our flight was delayed by a couple of hours so we arrived about 5 hours later then we were supposed to.

The next day most of us were sleeping pretty much the whole day except the time for practice and dinner. Not easy to adjust at all:(.

The day after, we played at 7:00 pm and unfortunately it was not one of our best games. It was an important game for us since only the wins against those who advance will count for the next rounds.

We did not win and now we only have to focus on improving our game because the most important games of the season are coming up soon.

While flying back I was writing this blog because I was not able to fall asleep......I have to somehow figure out how to get back on the Prague time.

If anyone has any suggestion please let me know otherwise I may sleep till Sunday:P

Sweet dreams to everyone



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