Ilona Burgrova: A View From Prague


Ilona Burgrova is in her third season in the EuroLeague Women with ZVVZ USK Prague. She has been representing the Czech Republic since she first stepped out as a cadette, in 1999. Ilona is writing for to give us her insight into the 2011/2012 EuroLeague Women season.

Hello everyone☺

I am back... I managed not to sleep till Sunday like I thought I would. I overcame the jetlag and I am able to somehow function as regular people.

After the lost game in Ekaterinburg last week we had plenty of time to prepare for our next opponent which is Gyor.

Hopefully we will be able to utilize this preparation and get another win. But as we watched our last game against Gyor we saw it won't be easy.

Last Friday it was mine and my mom's nameday. My mom came to visit me to Prague. We cooked something good to eat, relaxed, talked, and sung (my mom loves music, so do I).

She watched our domestic league's game and then she left to go back to Hradec Kralove which is my home town.

It is always nice to spend some time with my family. But to be 100% honest if I am with them for too long they can get on my nerves very easily. On the other hand I am sure I am not the only one who has those feelings sometimes ☺

I don't know how it is in the other teams but January is a huge birthday celebration for us.

Almost every week there is a player or coach who has a birthday.

This past weekend we had a little celebration for Katerina Bartonova. Adela Necaskova had a birthday as well.

Today it's a birthday of our crazy and beloved athletic coach Ales Kaplan and tomorrow there will be a very special day for Eva Viteckova!!!

Don't worry ladies, I will not tell the age of course ☺

But let me wish you all the best for the upcoming years. And I hope your wishes will come true!!!




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