Ilona Burgrova: A View From Prague

16 December 2011

Ilona Burgrova is playing her third season in the EuroLeague Women with ZVVZ USK Prague. She has been representing the Czech Republic since she first stepped out as a cadette, in 1999. Ilona is writing for to give us her insight into the 2011/2012 EuroLeague Women seaso

Hello everyone ☺

It has been over a week since my last entry but you know how everything works before Christmas.

Everybody is running around to find the best decoration, the best food, the best presents.

They are willing to wait in the long lines, to get stressed, to fight over the last thing on the shelf just to make the people close around them happy on the Big Day.

Unfortunately I have to admit I got caught in this as well. Until... until I realized that the best present for my mom would be to just spend the whole Christmas with her.

And that the best gift for my sister would be to go with her for a walk and then to have a coffee and just to talk and laugh like we used to when we were young.

And the best thing for my father would be to give him a big "teddy bear" hug and let him feel that I am his little girl again.

So stop running around like a chicken without a head and let's realize that the most precious thing we can give to each other is TIME.

The great time we can spend together and the memories which we create and which will always be remembered.

Try to tell your close family and friends that you love them. In this special time it will make them twice as happy than usual☺

But let's talk about  basketball a little bit. The last round of EuroLeague Women is behind us and it is time to recover and heal physically and mentally.

Personally I got some injuries or bad hits from the past couple of EuroLeague Women games so I am looking forward to heal them.

I have to fuel my mind with a new energy for the second part of the season because there's nothing better than when you come back to the gym after couple of days/weeks and you feel the excitement to play again☺

I would like to wish all the players a safe travel home. Enjoy your free days!!! And to all of us Merry Christmas :*


PS: I would like to thank, for a special gift,  one of the special fans of mine. Thank you for the fairytales ;) This reminds me. Don't forget to make somebody else's Christmas a "fairytale". Think about those who are not as lucky as we are and let's help them ☺


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