Gran Canaria Struggle Off The Court

23 November 2010

Most head coaches put their focus on getting players ready for the next game.

Domingo Diaz, however, the long-time boss of EuroCup Women side Gran Canaria, has other worries like club survival.

A famous outfit that has enjoyed a lot of good times over the years, reduced sponsorship is hurting the Canary Islands team.

"With the crisis of our main sponsor, La Caja de Canarias, it has reduced its contribution by half in the last two years so we have a budget of 300,000 euros," Diaz said.

"This makes us very difficult to compete in the league and in Europe."

Dominguez, whose side faces SzeviƩp in the Eurocup Women on Thursday, has appealed to the local government and private enterprise to help out.

"We must all bet for Gran Canarian basketball and work together," he said.

"Evidently, we don't want the almost 2 million euros that the men's team gets - we would settle for one-tenth of that so that the club can consolidate itself.

"We see examples like Ros Casares and Perfumerias Avenida that with the support of companies take part in the Final Four and organize events."


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