Bourges Shut Down Brno In Fourth To Advance
Bourges make no apologies for being a tough-as-nails team on defense and that approach certainly paid a huge dividend on Wednesday as they shut down Gambrinus Brno in the fourth quarter to win their pivotal play-off showdown 67-62.

With 7:09 left in the game, Gambrinus were in the driving seat after Eva Viteckova had given them a 59-53 lead and Hamchetou Maiga Ba's basket extended the advantage to eight with 5:51 to go.
Gambrinus Survive To Force Game Three Against Bourges

Gambrinus Sika Brno edged Bourges 61-59 in the Czech Republic on Friday night to force a deciding third game in the EuroLeague Women back in France next week.

Bourges looked to be in good shape when they led 56-51 with 5:29 remaining.



NoNamePos. HeightBirth datePlace of birth
 4Zsófia Fegyverneky 1.78 29.09.1984 Pécs (HUN)  
 6Romana Hejdova PF 1.84 09.05.1988 Brno (CZE)  
 7Hamchetou Maiga Ba SF 1.83 25.04.1978 Bamako (USA)  
 8Linda Fröhlich PF 1.87 23.06.1979 Pforzheim (GER)  
 9Hana Horakova 1.82 11.09.1979 Bruntál (CZE)  
10Tamika Whitmore PF 1.86 05.06.1977 New Orleans, MS (USA)  
11Romana Stehlíková PF 1.90 16.09.1985 Trutnov (CZE)  
12Zuzana Zirková SG 1.75 06.06.1980 Bojnice (SVK)  
13Petra Kulichová 1.98 13.09.1984 Pardubice (CZE)  
14Timea Ivkovicné Béres 1.92 21.10.1976 Miskolc (HUN)  
15Eva Vitecková SF 1.90 26.01.1982 Nove Mesto na Morave (CZE)  


Head Coach: Jan Bobrovsky
Assistant Coach: Milan Veverka ,
Vlastimil Havlik

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Revenge Mission: Bourges Beat Gambrinus In Opener

Bourges Basket thumped Gambrinus Sika Brno 72-57 in the opening game of their EuroLeague Women Eighth-Finals tie in France on Tuesday night.

Pierre Vincent's team, looking to avenge last year's overtime defeat to Gambrinus in the Final Four, got 19 points and 10 rebounds from rising star Endene Miyem while her fellow France international Emmeline Ndongue scored 17 and grabbed five boards.

Fröhlich Leaves Kosice For Brno
Germany international Linda Fröhlich has signed for Gambrinus Sika Brno for the remainder of the campaign.

Fröhlich, 29, spent the first part of the EuroLeague Women season with Broker Kosice and averaged 13 points and nine rebounds in six games.

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Gambrinus SIKA Brno
Gambrinus SIKA Brno


PTSE. Vitecková12.3
RTH. Horakova5.3
ASH. Horakova2.6
STH. Horakova3.0
BSP. Kulichová0.9


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15.10.2008vs Umana Reyer[L] 68-77 (H)
22.10.2008vs ESB Lille Metropole[W] 67-63 (A)
29.10.2008vs CSKA Moscow[W] 70-65 (H)
05.11.2008vs TTT Riga[L] 67-69 (A)
12.11.2008vs MKB Euroleasing[L] 65-68 (A)
19.11.2008vs Umana Reyer[L] 73-82 (A)
26.11.2008vs ESB Lille Metropole[W] 81-61 (H)
07.12.2008vs CSKA Moscow[L] 71-91 (A)
10.12.2008vs TTT Riga[W] 83-76 (H)
17.12.2008vs MKB Euroleasing[L] 73-76 (H)
27.01.2009vs Bourges Basket[L] 57-72 (A)
30.01.2009vs Bourges Basket[W] 61-59 (H)
04.02.2009vs Bourges Basket[L] 62-67 (A)


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