Katarina Tetemondová (Slovak Republic)

Katarina Tetemondová

Nationality: SVK
Born : 24.09.1988
Place of birth: Poprad (SVK)
Height: 1.88m
Position: F

2.6Points per game
0.8Rebounds per game
0.4Assists per game
Slovak Republic


Katarina Tetemondová - EuroBasket Women 2013 Profile
 Team 2012-13: MBK Ruzomberok (Slovak Republic-Extraliga)
Career: Poprad (Slovak Republic-Extraliga, 2005-10), MBK Ruzomberok (Slovak Republic-Extraliga, 2010-13)
There is real excitement about the way Tetemondova played last season with MBK Ruzomberok, with many people believing it has been a breakout year for the player, who can now use it as a springboard to greater things in the game both at club level and especially with the national team. Last summer, the forward showed signs that she is ready to cement herself as a starting five player for her country, before returning to domestic action where she delivered against her obvious potential with an outstanding string of performances in EuroCup Women, becoming a true leader on the floor. She may be quiet and not the fist-clenching kind of aggressive player that often leads teams - instead she does it by example with a calm approach and putting efficient numbers on the board via her shooting and rebounding prowess. 


vs Ukraine (W 55-77)71/333.30/00.01/333.30/00.0022120033
vs Czech Republic (W 65-58)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000000
vs Spain (L 71-54)41/1100.00/00.01/1100.00/00.0000000023
vs Poland (W 56-65)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000000
vs Latvia (W 78-69)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000000
vs Greece (L 57-59)31/1100.01/1100.00/00.00/00.0101011012
vs Belarus (L 68-70)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000000
vs Greece (L 59-64)102/450.01/333.31/1100.00/00.0011110025
vs Latvia (L 67-59)20/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.0000000030
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points519.06.2009 vs. Greece22 - EuroCup Women 2012
01.02.2012 vs Dynamo Kursk
Total Rebounds207.06.2009 vs. Ukraine18 - FIBA U19 World Championship for Women 2007
26.07.2007 vs Korea
Assists12 times6 - EuroCup Women 2011
27.10.2010 vs ESB Lille Metropole
Steals115.06.2009 vs. Greece5 - EuroLeague Women 2014
26.02.2014 vs Rivas Ecopolis
Blocked Shots 3 - 2 times
Minutes1019.06.2009 vs. Greece39 - 2 times
Field Goals Made219.06.2009 vs. Greece8 - 2 times
Field Goals Attempted419.06.2009 vs. Greece16 - U20 European Championship Women 2008
18.07.2008 vs Israel
2 Pts Field Goals Made12 times7 - EuroCup Women 2012
09.11.2011 vs Sdent Helios
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted319.06.2009 vs. Greece15 - U20 European Championship Women 2008
18.07.2008 vs Israel
3 Pts Field Goals Made13 times4 - EuroCup Women 2013
07.02.2013 vs Kayseri Kaski spor
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted307.06.2009 vs. Ukraine7 - EuroLeague Women 2014
11.03.2014 vs Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje
Free Throws Made 8 - EuroCup Women 2013
14.02.2013 vs Kayseri Kaski spor
Free Throws Attempted 10 - EuroCup Women 2013
14.02.2013 vs Kayseri Kaski spor
Offensive Rebounds115.06.2009 vs. Greece7 - U20 European Championship Women 2008
11.07.2008 vs Romania
Defensive Rebounds207.06.2009 vs. Ukraine12 - 2 times



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Assist Of The Game: K. Tetemondova16.06.2013