Half-Court Press: Kristina Matuskova

14 July 2012

10. Kristina Matuskova (Slovak Republic)
Kristina Matuskova hopes there will be reason to celebrate on the off day on Sunday as Slovakia hope to advance to the Qualifying Round. submitted Slovak Republic point guard Kristina Matuskova to a relentless Half-Court Press during Day Three of the U16 European Championship Women.

Matuskova is the Slovakian leading scorer, averaging 12.3 points per game in the Preliminary Round, proving she is hard to stop. Why did you want to become a basketball player?
Kristina Matuskova: It was my family that brought me to basketball and I love it since the first moment.

What is your main ambition in Basketball?
My main wish is to continue playing forever and also get a place in a EuroLeague Women team.

Who is your role model as a player?
Diana Taurasi.

Which was the best basketball game you've ever watched?
I've seen the EuroLeague Women final 2008 in Brno, which was an amazing experience.

Which part of training you like less?
Running and conditioning.

Who is the most mature of your teammates and who is the most ... childish?
The most mature has to be Veronika Remenarova. The most childish? Well, maybe Karin Miksadova.

Name which of the following you have never used in your life: A. Audio cassette player. B. Facebook website C. MP3 player
I've never used an audio cassette! As for Facebook and the MP3 player, of course I've used these, like everybody else.

What are you planning to do on the free day?
I hope I'll be celebrating with my teammates, as we get a place in the Qualifying Round. If not, I don't know.


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