Tencho Banev (Bulgaria)

Tencho Banev

Nationality: BUL
Born : 14.08.1980
Place of birth: Haskovo (BUL)
Height: 2.07m
Position: C

4.7Points per game
3.3Rebounds per game
0.3Assists per game




  • » Ranks #8 in Fouls (3.3)
Tencho Banev - EuroBasket 2011 Profile
Team 2010-11: Lukoil Academic Sofia (Bulgaria-NBL)
Career: Lukoil Academic Sofia (Bulgaria-NBL, 1997-2004), MBC Odessa (Ukraine-Superleague, 2004-05), Beykozspor (Turkey-TBL, 2005-06), Iraklis Thessaloniki (Greece-A2, 2006-07), Lukoil Academic Sofia (Bulgaria-NBL, 2007-11)

A veteran of the Bulgarian National Team, Tencho Banev is a hard-nosed player who brings a no-nonsense style to the center spot. Normally utilised coming off the bench, he is someone who can unsettle the opposition with his aggression both on the glass and when setting big screens which he always pushed to the absolute limit. While he isn't necessarily as silky or smooth to watch as many of his peers in the paint, Banchev is no less effective. In fact he is a solid finisher and an imposing presence who will score a few baskets and pull down some boards, things which always make him likely to make an effective cameo. While he has had some injuries in recent times, he should be back in the mix and since he knows what it is like to play at a EuroBasket tournament, his influence on the rest of the team and the younger players could be important.


vs Lithuania (W 104-109)333/742.93/742.90/00.02/2100.0022031058
vs Spain (L 85-94)163/650.03/650.00/00.00/10.0066001056
vs Italy (W 63-75)81/1100.01/1100.00/00.04/4100.0022022016
vs Israel (L 52-98)111/333.31/250.00/10.00/00.0000010002
vs Greece (L 74-106)141/250.01/250.00/00.00/00.0101004052
vs Russia (L 85-93)361/714.31/714.30/00.03/475.0178222035
vs Slovenia (L 84-101)322/450.02/450.00/00.00/20.0314022044
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points803.07.1998 vs. Lithuania19 - FIBA Europe Cup Men 2005
11.11.2004 vs Dalkia Nybit
Total Rebounds811.07.1998 vs. Russia13 - European Championship for Men 2003
06.06.2001 vs Azerbaijan
Assists211.07.1998 vs. Russia3 - 3 times
Steals410.07.1998 vs. Greece4 - European Championship for Junior Men 1998
10.07.1998 vs Greece
Blocked Shots 3 - EuroChallenge 2015
16.12.2014 vs Energia
Minutes3611.07.1998 vs. Russia36 - 2 times
Field Goals Made32 times9 - FIBA Europe Cup Men 2005
11.11.2004 vs Dalkia Nybit
Field Goals Attempted72 times12 - Korac Cup 2002
24.10.2001 vs BC Khimki
2 Pts Field Goals Made32 times9 - FIBA Europe Cup Men 2005
11.11.2004 vs Dalkia Nybit
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted72 times10 - 2 times
3 Pts Field Goals Made 1 - FIBA Europe Cup Men 2005
30.11.2004 vs Dalkia Nybit
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted107.07.1998 vs. Israel2 - 4 times
Free Throws Made405.07.1998 vs. Italy8 - Korac Cup 2002
17.10.2001 vs BC Khimki
Free Throws Attempted42 times11 - Korac Cup 2002
17.10.2001 vs BC Khimki
Offensive Rebounds312.07.1998 vs. Slovenia6 - EuroBasket 2005
08.09.2004 vs Portugal
Defensive Rebounds711.07.1998 vs. Russia11 - European Championship for Men 2003
06.06.2001 vs Azerbaijan


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