Kozachka - Zalk 53 vs. US Valenciennes Olympic 67

10 November 2004

The host team had a good start in their opening home game of the EuroLeague Women and after the first quarter held a 3-point lead over defending champions Valenciennes 20-7.

The lead just wasn't enough though and in the second period the French visitors went on a run, mainly thanks to a great effort from Chantelle Anderson. Zaporozhye held the game close but at half time were down 28-31.

The third quarter however was a disaster for the hosts. They were unable to contain Anderson who led Valenciennes to a 13 point advantage.

In the final 10 minutes Kozachka's young star Olexandra Gorbunova put on an amazing show to help her team reduce the gap to 14 points (53-67) at the close, still a respecatble result for the newcomers against the French giants.


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