Kozachka-ZALK Zaporozhye 43 Italsoft Reyer Venezia 64


The game became a complete defeat for Kozachka. They had their only lead during the first quarter (12-9).
The Italians quickly reduced the gap and were leading 5 points by the end of the second quarter (10-18).
The rest of the game was under the control of Reyer's, who increased their advantage (7-19 in the third quarter).
To the spectators' surprise, Kozachka was very inactive with many mistakes, especially in attack. As a result, they showed very low shooting-percentage and many turnovers in their final home game.



Kozachka-ZALK Zaporozhye 87 USO Mondeville Basket 7711.12.2003
Kozachka-ZALK Zaporozhye 76 Technological University Kazan 6821.11.2003
Dynamo Kursk 72 Kozachka Zalk 7713.11.2003