Kozachka-ZALK Zaporozhye 76 Technological University Kazan 68


Both teams entered the field with a different motivation. While Kozachka-ZALK were sure to guarantee their first place in the group, Kazan fought to be the 2nd.

As a result, the teams were point-to-point until the middle of the 1st quarter. At the end of this first period, however, the Ukrainians took a 7 point lead (22-15).

As soon as Kozachka's main attacking forces, Kyrychenko, Pys'mennyk and Fen'ko, showed their usual persistent performance, the hosts immediately outpaced swiftly. The Zaporozhye trio not only scored from un der the basket but also three times from outside the three-point line.

The first half ended 49-37 for Kozachka-ZALK.

The beginning of the 3rd quarter saw the guests cutting the 12-point gap to mere 6 points. Further on the success favoured alternatively both teams with the same 8-point gap standing at the end of quarter.

In the last quarter, both teams made mistakes and had to fight for the ball. With 3 minutes to go, Kazan cut Kozachka's advantage to only 5 points. In these exciting last minutes the Ukrainians missed a few shots. The guests didn't take tadvantage out of the situation though and were similarly unsuccessful.

Game MVP: Olena Fen'ko (Kozachka Zalk)

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