Delta ICP 62 vs. VBM-SGAU 111

No surprises

Delta I.C.P Kosice signed out of the EuroLeague Women 2005 this evening following a 1/8 Final second leg home loss to Samara.

After 3 minutes Samara was already leading 2:8, however Kosice was able to come back to even up the score to 10:10 in the 5th minute, and again to 16:16 in 9th minute. However, the favourite for the match and even for the EuroLeague championship, severely punished even the smallest mistake made by the home team and gradually began to pull away from Delta in points and in performance.

Samara's Maria Stepanova
The pressure built up for the locals especially in the 2nd quarter, where the Russian team was able to break away and Delta was simply a helpless bystander.

Every Samara player who came on to the court was able to score. The Russian players had a clear advantage under the basket as captain Maria Stepanova prevailed with her height and even more so with her gameplay and skill.

American Demya Walker and French guard Edwige Lawson were dominant both on the wings and in the paint with their shooting from the field. After 20 minutes the game was decided, the Slovakian champion was already losing 29:51

After the half-time break, the only unbeaten team in this year's EuroLeague continued with the set pace and held the result. The Russians were able to score from quick, almost textbook fast-breaks after a series of mistakes from Delta. The Kosice players had great difficulties getting into a shooting position, moreover they were slowly lacking strength. After 30 minutes, Samara was leading 40:79

At the start of the last period, Delta was able to wake up and with 8 points tried to lower the points difference. In the end Samara concentrated on defence and with a basket from Walker, the 100 point barried was easily broken. The Russian team gave the Slovak champions a lesson in basketball and with the 62:111 victory moved up to the final 8 teams of the EuroLeague.

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