MiZo-Pecsi VSK 74 vs. Delta ICP 69

25 November 2004

Hungarian side MiZo Pecs inflicted a 4th consecutive EuroLeague Women defeat on newcomers Delta Kosice in a close game tonight at the Dezsa Lauber arena in Pecs.

It was hometown star Dalma Ivanyi who sealed a late comeback, which saw Pecs turn around a 5-point deficit in the final 5 minutes.

In a see-saw match-up, Pecs took a 10-point lead into halftime (45-35) but saw their advantage quickly dissipate in the second half. Pecs could not find an answer for Kosice center Jennifer Smith. She scored a game high 26 points and sparked the visitors to a 5-point lead in the 35th minute.

Pecs' fans are probably the loudest and most fanatic in all of women's basketball and the 3,000 spectators in attendance lifted their side in the final minutes. Consequently, Pecs began to comeback and it was Ivanyi's free throws which sealed a 2nd home win.

Ivanyi finished the game with 16 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists. 


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