Mlekarna Kunin 87 – Kaposvári Kosárlabda Klub 96


Ivkovic scoring for two of his 18 points over Craig Callahan.
The guest team started the match with much of success – they scored after each attack. Their first hesitation came only after the fifth counter attack when extremely nimble Simon Balázs thew the ball and touched the ring. The team of Nový Jičín didn´t score before their third well though action when Bobb pushed the score down to 3:4. Without any delay, the guests scored to 8:3. Thanks to stronger defence the home team got the lead back. The score after the first quarter was 25:21, because in the course of the first quarter the players of Nový Jičín caused only three fouls while the team of Kapošváru fouled nine times.

The first attack in the second quarter wasn´t successful for the guests but Bobb hesitated twise when shooting and thus the guests lavelled the score in their benefit. Then it was a one-man-show – Bobb escaped quickly and smashed the ball through the ring. From the home team only Bobb, Šoška and Callahan got points in the thirteen minutes of the game. The guests received points equally among the seven players. Not before the 14th minute the home team showed another shooter, Kovář who scored to  make it 34:26. The team of Nový Jičín was winning 41:32 in the 16th minute but in next 4 minutes they scored only three points. Szöke Balasz brought a tie of 44:44 right before the halftime whistel.

In the third quarter the result was floating in benefit of both teams for a while. But Weiss and  Šoška shot three-pointers thus having the result 56:50 in the 23rd minute of the game. Šoška added two more points after penalty shots in the 24th minute and the score for the time being was 58:50. But Simon Balázs equalized in the 29th minute. First he scored three points after penalty shots and then he successfully scored after his attack while adding two more six-shooters – the actual score was 65:65. A three-pointer of Weiss brought Mlékárna Kunín on to the winning lane. Home team players Šoška and Kovář had to play already carefully since the 29th minute due to their 4 personal fouls. The third quarter finished with the score 72:69.

The Hungarian team had been trying its best and Varga equalized in the 33rd minute to 76:76. On top of that Kovář had to leave after his fifth personal foul. A dramatic finish was advancing. The guest team got the lead after Ivkovič scored and Balázse added two free throws. Mlékárna could not get over the aggressive defense of Kapošvár and once they had opportunity they failed. two threes in a row gave the guests a 85:90 lead in the 39th minute. Callahan lowered the score to 87:90 and 38 seconds before the end the home team started the attack initiated after a leg foul disturbing the game. But they lost the game, fouled and Varga received points from both six-pointers bringing his victory closer - 87:92. After another penalty shots the final score of the match has reached the current 87:96.

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