Mlekarna Kunin 87 KK Hiron 82


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Curtis Bobb (Kunin) led his team with 20 points and was named MVP
After five seconds, Hovanak scored the first two points of the game. In the second minute of the game, the score was 7:0 for the home team.

The first points for the visitors were scored by Barac with two minutes 30 on the clock, but nevertheless, Kunin managed to increase the score to 13:5 lead.

The home team showed stronger defense and so the first quarter was closed by Smiljanic who scored while he was falling down - the score 31:20.

At the beginning of the second period, Kunin didn´t bring four attacks in a row to a successful end and didn´t rebound some easy balls in their paint. At this point of the game the visitors were not able to use this drop out to cut the lead of the home team remarkably.

But the failures of Kunin continued and after two triples from Smiljanic the score was 37:35. Now, everybody knew that it would turn into a close game. When Bobb had another turnover, Gulin´s two points brought the first lead for the visitors. Kunin lost this quarter by 12 points – score 44:45.

In the third period the home team resisted some visitors´attacks by an improved defensive play. Bobb made five points in a row for an new five point lead. In 22nd minute Gulin tied to 49:49.

Zagreb was effective in one to one defense and didn´t allow their opponents to advance the score like in the first quarter. Both teams started to use zone defense now.

KK Hiron had a hard time finding an open player against Kunin
In the 27th minute, the score was 62:59. Then Bobb injured his eyebrow and had to be substituted, but Kunin managed to keep their tiny lead 67:65.

The last quarter was opened by a triple from Hovanak and after Soska´s points the score was 73:65. The visitors cut a couple of home team attacks and the score moved to 73:72.

At the end of the 37th minute, Bobb came back onto the court. Despite of this, the Czech team was not capable to score even from right-down positions. Now, the game was culminating.

In the 38th minute, Kunin lead 81:80, thanks to Hovanak´s free throws. Bobb also added two points from the line with a hundred seconds left.

A little later, when Callahand rebounded the ball under his basket and was fouled, he only suceeded with one throw, but the visitors missed their chance to tie the score by missing a triple shot. In the end, Kunin`s lead was increased by Soska to a final score of 87:82.

MVP of the game: Curtis Bobb with 20 points (Mlekarna Kunin Novy Jicin)

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