Euroleasing Orsi Sopron 69 US Valenciennes Olympic 65


A full house awaited the two teams in Sopron. The Sopron fans knew that their favourites could win this evening against the French team, and then they would go to Valenciennes to the 3rd game. Of course, Valenciennes wanted no more games after this one...

Coach Natalia Hejkova gets Sopron fired up
Sopron started the game better and Iveta Bielikova scored a 3-pointer after only few seconds . Sopron's lead was always 7-8 points, their defense was almost perfect, but couldn't pull away to a larger advantage, because there was always somebody from the French team who scored.
Natalia Hejkova made a lot of subs a lot to keep her players fresh. In the second quarter young Zsuzsanna Horv├íth came from the bench and scored 11 points (including 3 3pointers) in few minutes.

After the half-time break Sopron quickly scored 2 beautiful shots, and so the gap grew to more than 10 points between the two teams. The game was very good and the fans were enjoying themselves. Sopron kept their 10 point lead for a long time.

However in the last quarter the French team came back into the game. They played stronger and with 1.42 minutes before the end the score was only 65-63 after lay-up from Edwige Lawson. But still they couldnt pull off the win, mainly because Sopron played with a big heart and the MVP of the game, Jurgita Streimikyte hit all of her free-throws.

Sopron made a big win and have opened the way for themselves to the Final 4.

MVP of the game: Jurgita Streimikyte.


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