FIBA Europe Cup Women Pan-European Play-Offs


With the completion of the Pan-European Round of the FIBA Europe Cup Women, the 8 teams qualified for the play-offs are now finalised.

The 8 qualified teams for the play-offs consist of the 6 group winners, along with the 2 best second placed teams. Those teams are then ranked 1 - 8, based on win/loss percentage and goal average in order to produce the play-off match-ups.

The ranking is as follows:

Rank Team Win-Loss Goal Average
1 Szolnoki Mav Coop 6-1 1.39
2 Baltiyskaya Zwezda 5-1 1.27
3 Fenerbahce Istanbul 5-1 1.15
4 Dynamo Moscow 4-2 1.09
5 USO Mondeville 4-2 1.05
6 ZKK Vojvodina 4-2 1.04
7 Italsoft Reyer Venezia* 4-2 1.18
8 Basket Spezia* 4-2 1.14

*denotes teams that qualified as the 2 best second-placed teams and are therefore ranked in positions 7 and 8.

The play-off match-ups are:

Szolnoki Mav Coop v. Basket Spezia
Baltiyskaya Zwezda v. Italsoft Reyer Venezia
Fenerbahce Istanbul v. ZKK Vojvodina
Dynamo Moscow v. USO Mondeville

All play-off pairings are on a best of 3 basis and will be played on 17th, 20th and 26th February. The 4 winners will advance to the Final Four which will be on 3rd and 4th April 2004.

The full schedule can be found here.