Lietuvos Telekomas 58 Ros Casares 69


The tough times for the Lietuvos Telekomas Vilnius became even tougher tonight. After losing 3 games in a row, the team was supposed to look only for a victory against Ros Casares. 1700 spectators were waiting for the same thing. But Ros Casares` players were there to ruin the expectations.

The first period of the game became a disaster for the home team. The Spanish team hit from almost everywhere on the court. Three or four quick passes tore the Lithuanian defense apart and left a completely unmarked Spanish player open for the easy score. Amaya Valdemoro, Michelle van Gorp and especially Elisa Aguilar almost toyed with the Lietuvos Telekomas in the first quarter. The score of 12:27 says it all.

But the Lithuanians did not give up. They tried to change things back to normal and won the second and third quarter. But the home team still was eleven points behind.

They also lost the momentum and it never looked like they could turn the game. The huge support from the crowd in the third quarter was about to gear up Lietuvos Telekomas` game, but Ros Casares just didn’t let it happen.

The last quarter was not very attractive basketball to watch. Neither of the teams could score. The difference was that Ros Casares didn’t have to. They played very well in defense and kept their lead up to the end.

MVP: Elisa Aguilar (Ros Casares) withn 17 points and 4 assists.


Lietuvos Telekomas 61 Lotos VBW Clima 5611.02.2004
Ros Casares 60 Lietuvos Telekomas 6105.02.2004
Lietuvos Telekomas 56 VBM SGAU Samara 5928.01.2004
MiZo-Pecsi VSK 63 Lietuvos Telekomas Vilnius 5622.01.2004
Gambrinus JME Brno 88 Lietuvos Telekomas 6314.01.2004
Lietuvos Telekomas 75 Lavezzini Parma 7117.12.2003
Lotos VBW Clima Gdynia 74 Lietuvos Telekomas 7204.12.2003

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