Gambrinus JME Brno 88 Lietuvos Telekomas 63


Only the first quater of the game was very tough. The Lithuanian guest started for the first time new American players La Tonya Washington and Sonja Mallory.

Brno took very quickly the lead 5-0 on behalf of Viteckova and a 3-pointer by Hamzova. Hamzova played very well in the first minutes of the game and scored 12 points.

Vilnius started to play very tough defense at the end of the first period. In 8th minute after a pointer of Washington, Lietuvos Telekomas led for the first time (18-20). The guest won the first period 23-24. 

In the second quarter Brno started an amazing run and hit 17 points in a row. Vilnius had problems with communication; they very often lost the ball and the first two points came from Jurgita Stremikyte after six minutes (40-24).

The performance of Brno in this part was almost perfect. Machova and Zirkova played very well. Both players made shots from almost everywhere on the court.

After the half Vilnius had to fight for every shooting opportunity. Both teams were very active both in offense and defense. The game was extremely intensive, but the players from Lithuania couldn't finish their attacks.

Brno took advantage: Hana Machova scored before the end of the 3rd period and the quarter finished at the score of 66-53.

In last quater Vilnius lost their power and Brno pulled another 16-2 run without any problems to finish the game finished 88-63.

MVP of the game: Hana Machova (Gambrinus JME) with 22 points


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