Lietuvos Telekomas 61 Lotos VBW Clima 56


The game between Lietuvos Telekomas and Lotos VBW Clima Gdynia should not have been terribly exciting. Lietuvos Telekomas had already lost their chances of qualifying for the playoffs long before tonight’s game and Lotos VBW Clima were already there. But that was before the game started...

The Lithuanian team had lost 4 out of the 5 last games against the club from Poland, by 3-poinnts or even less and had some things to prove. Gdynia needed this win to stay in first place in Group B.

The game started with a huge support of 1500 spectators, around 150 of whom had travelled from Poland. The home team started very well and took the lead at the end of the first 10 minutes (23-9).

However, something went wrong in the second quarter and the Lithuanians hit just 2 from 19 field goals. A mere 4 points was all that Lietuvos Telekomas could score.

Nevertheless, Gdynia didn’t shoot well either - 5/13 from the field and 3 of 4 free throws. It was still better than the locals though! The second quarter went to the guests and Gdynia led at half time (27-34).

The third quarter looked very much like the first. The team from Vilnius regained their confidence and narrowed the gap to 2 points (55-57).

The last quarter saw very nervous play from both teams. Lietuvos Telekomas have lost some games in the final minutes this season, but a 1-point victory over Ros Casares last week seemed to do a lot for them. This experience helped the hosts to level the score this time and even get in front at the end.

A very pleasant victory for the Lithuanians in their last game this season and a painful loss for the team from Gdynia. But still the team centred around Margo Dydek walks on to the playoffs.

MVP of the game: La Tonya Washington (Vilnius) with 15 points and 7 rebounds


Ros Casares 60 Lietuvos Telekomas 6105.02.2004
Lietuvos Telekomas 56 VBM SGAU Samara 5928.01.2004
MiZo-Pecsi VSK 63 Lietuvos Telekomas Vilnius 5622.01.2004
Gambrinus JME Brno 88 Lietuvos Telekomas 6314.01.2004
Lietuvos Telekomas 75 Lavezzini Parma 7117.12.2003
Lotos VBW Clima Gdynia 74 Lietuvos Telekomas 7204.12.2003
Lietuvos Telekomas 58 Ros Casares 6926.11.2003

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