VBM-SGAU 86 vs. Lavezzini Parma 51


The host team began the game in an aggressive way and after just 3 minutes the score was already 11-2. Maria Stepanova scored 6 of her 17 points during that period.

Lavezzini coach Miodrag Veskovic immediately took a time-out and the Italian players improved their game. Then it was the turn for Samara coach Igor Grudin to take a time-out. He found the right words and by the end of the first quarter VBM-SSAU had a comfortable 12-point lead, 23-11.

In the second quarter the Russian team continued with their press and the guests were defending tenaciously. At halftime the score was 39-21.

In the third and forth quarter Samara continued to extend their lead, showing that they have a really balanced team with 5 players reaching double-digits.

Maria Stepanova led Samara with 17 points and 11 rebounds, while Ilona Korstine added 16.

For Lavezzini Basket Parma Donnette Snow had 13 points and a season-high 20 rebounds.


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